When Would Your Business Use Marmalade Solutions?

During a busy business period

Sometimes tasks stack up and you need some interim support to reduce your workload and give you more time and breathing space to focus on your main business delivery, whether it’s for a day, a week or on a retainer basis.

Assistance to deliver or manage a specific project

Specific project management tasks can, at times, over-stretch your man-power and you could simply do with another pair of hands to assist on a project, or to manage it through to delivery.

Going through a period of growth for the business

Growth brings the challenges of increased work-load but not necessarily the financial capacity or long-term need for additional permanent resource.  Your business requires immediate assistance with the flexibility to be able to extend or terminate these services once the new long-term needs of the business are understood.

Holiday or maternity leave 

When you or your team spend time away from the business, you need to feel confident that it continues to run with no reduction in service delivery.  You are seeking a cost-effective flexible solution that will hit the ground running and give you the confidence you need to know that it’s ‘business as usual’ for your customers.