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Everyone Deserves a Day Off

We all deserve time away from the office. Some people like to blow away the cobwebs, others seek peace and solitude – but for many it’s a battle of wills between trying to relax but never quite succeeding.  Last weekend I chose to blow away the cobwebs by doing a Wolf Run. […]Read More

Why Homework is no longer a preserve of our schooldays

– or on the bus to school in the morning!  Unfortunately, with the pressures of balancing time available with work needing to be done, this scenario of taking work home is making a resurgence into our lives as adults.  There is debate as to whether the advent of mobile technology[…]Read More

What’s the value of having good Terms and Conditions?

We have just worked with the small outdoor activity company BXM Expeditions on their Terms and Conditions and associated external policies.  The company came to us when they realised their Ts&Cs were not protecting them as they should.  Comprehensive and workable Ts&Cs are essential to any business but are often[…]Read More

Where do new clients go to hide?

Securing a new client is the gold at the end of the rainbow, but where do you start looking for them?  TBT Ltd came to us with that conundrum – they were looking to develop a new business arm but needed to first investigate the current marketplace.  We subsequently undertook[…]Read More

What about MY projects?

We spend so much time focusing on work that our home to-do list rarely gets the attention is needs,  instead staying forever pinned to the notice board, gathering dust.  If we do have enough time to seriously think about the garden makeover / new kitchen / replacing the boiler, auctioning[…]Read More

Who keeps their New Year Resolutions?

Love it or hate it, the New Year is when many of us take stock and commit to making changes to our work lives; common desires will often include working less hours, being more organised, and reducing costs.  Some people are great at sticking to their plans but for many[…]Read More

Balancing work with mince pies & Christmas cheer

When the temptations of Christmas start to tug at your senses, the reality is that business doesn’t stop for the festivities, and for many businesses it is the time when planning looks towards January and beyond.  Conversely, it’s also a time when many other businesses slow down seem to be forever out[…]Read More

Research services: case study

Our work with Simon Winter Design has included research services for new resources for his business.  Successful businesses realise they need to looking forward, plan and develop for the future, if they are to succeed in today’s tough marketplace.  The challenge is how to focus on your current service delivery[…]Read More

Getting off to a Great Start

You have a great business idea and decide to start your own company.  You get very excited about the potential of your idea and are already planning world domination.  And then people start to ask you about the nitty gritty and you realise that you’re plans have been rather lacking[…]Read More