Focusing on your key service delivery is essential to your businesses success…

But this can leave little time to undertake those day-to-day and back-office tasks that will also impact the effectiveness and efficiency of your business.

Marmalade Solutions provides flexible resource to undertake these tasks for you, giving you more hours in the day to focus on your key service delivery.

Flexible Resource & Tailored Financial Commitment

Our flexible service enables clients to employ a broad range of business services as and when needed. Matching requirement to commitment ensures clients pay only for what they need, omitting any commitment to long-term staff resource and associated costs.  Remotely based or located within your business, Marmalade Solutions offers your business flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Who Are Marmalade Solutions?

Marmalade Solutions is run by Kirsten Kerr-Bonner.  Kirsten set up Marmalade Solutions on the principle of providing a truly flexible, professional business service that would increase an organisation’s efficiency and effectiveness. Her background in project management, operations, event organisation, and general office management has given her the skills to be able to walk into a business and quickly gain an understanding of it’s objectives and a feel for it’s style and approach.  Having worked for the largest conservation charity in Europe, small event and marketing agencies, a start-up and medium sized private companies, Kirsten’s varied experiences enables her to apply her abilities across all industry sectors.  Her experience is complemented by an understanding of the challenges felt by small businesses and an appreciation that every business has its own challenges and these need to be understood before success can be achieved.

Kirsten is a go-to person to get things done.  Her commitment to finishing a job has seen her in the middle of Salisbury Plain, at midnight, using a head-torch and her pick-up truck head-lights to enable her to check markers for an event taking place the following morning!

Away from the office, Kirsten enjoys all things sporting and outdoors.  Her passion is picking up her hockey stick and chasing after a hockey ball or at the very least watching others chasing after a hockey ball!  Living close to Salisbury Plain provides acres of space for running, often with her Vizsla, Futo.  The bicycle often gets a dust-down as she explores the county and beyond.  Currently Kirsten is in training for her first Wolf Run in April where she will tackle obstacles along a 10k off-road run – sounds exhilarating!